Allume feu - THE BASTARD

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The Bastard | 01 | Introduction

Hey BBQ King or Queen. We are The Bastard, the best ceramic BBQ on the market. Watch our 6 video's together with Jord ...

The Bastard | 05 | Burnables

There are many different ways to use your Bastard with a large range of our burnables. Watch our tutorial together with Jord ...

Le Barbecue Kamado VX The Bastard // Les Durs à Cuire 🔥

En quelques minutes, découvrez le nouveau Kamado VX The Bastard ! Camille vous présente cet innovant barbecue céramique ...

The Bastard | 02 | Serious Cooking

Watch Jord Althuizen explain his favorite toy. The Bastard!